Friday, May 7, 2021
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Coatings - Secondary Containment

What is secondary containment?

Tank farms can range in size from huge complexes in refineries, chemical plants, and airports to clusters of tanks used to store heating oil or product ingredients in relatively small facilities. They need to contain any material that may be released due to breach or leakage before it gets into the groundwater supply.  Secondary containment helps prevent serious environmental problems from occurring because of tank releases. While the tank coating itself is vital to minimize the potential for leaks, secondary containment is an important safeguard.


Where does park derochie fit in?

secondary containmentPark Derochie has a long history in the application of many specialty coatings. With company environmental awareness, we are proud to offer secondary containment installation services. Our focus is to provide adaptability to various applications, shorten construction time, and cost effectiveness.

In a typical application, a linking material is sprayed onto a substrate such as geotextile, concrete, metal, or earthen dike to provide a monolithic and impervious secondary lining system.


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