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Field Fireproofing

Field FireproofingPark Derochie has been active in industrial field fireproofing since 1973. Our first project involved the application of Pyrocrete 102 in Taylor Flats, British Columbia, Canada. We have been heavily involved in the industry since then and have successfully completed individual field fireproofing projects ranging in value from $5,000 to in excess of $40,000,000.

Our experience with field fireproofing has allowed Park Derochie to become one of North America’s premiere companies in this field. Our success has enabled us to take on any size of project and meet stringent schedules.

Park Derochie’s team of fireproofers applied 25% of the Pyrocrete 241 used worldwide in 2003. As well, over the past 10 years PD has applied more proprietary fireproofing materials (Pyrocrete 241 & Fendolite) than any other company worldwide and more concrete fireproofing in the petrochemical sector than any other company in North America.

Shop Fireproofing

Fireproofing shopIn 1999 Park Derochie advanced the fireproofing industry by introducing stick-form fireproofing as a cost-effective, high quality alternative that allowed year-round application of temperature sensitive materials.  Since then, we have applied shop fireproofing on over 97,000 individual pieces of steel including 100% of the shop fireproofing work for many large oil and gas mega-projects.

We offer our clients a host of complimentary services to receive raw fabricated steel straight from the fabricator’s shop and prepare it for final delivery to the client.

Park Derochie has completed 100% of the shop fireproofing for the following projects:


  • Suncor MVU
  • Suncor MCC
  • Suncor MNU
  • Suncor Plant 25
  • Suncor Firebag 3 & 4
  • Suncor Voyageur
  • Syncrude UE-1
  • Petro-Canada EDD
  • Petro-Canada RCP
  • CNRL Horizon  
  • Amoco Prairie Rose
  • Alberta Envirofuels
  • Shell Athabasca Oil Sands Downstream
  • Consumers Co-Op Refinery
  • Williams Energy Midstream
  • And others . . .


Module Fireproofing

Module YardIndustrial Construction is trending increasingly towards off-site modularization and Park Derochie has become an integral part of these construction processes.

We have become industry leaders by providing module projects with our highly trained tradesmen with the ability to adapt and work within congested module yards, but also meet or exceed the rigorous demands involved to complete these projects safely, on schedule and within budget.

Park Derochie has the expertise to successfully execute small jobs consisting of only a few modules all the way up to mega-projects with many more process, equipment and piperack modules.

In 2003, Park Derochie completed over 100 modules for Syncrude’s UE-1 expansion and Suncor’s Millenium Vacuum Unit project.  This work was completed on 6 separate module yard sites under 6 separate contracts.

module yard Module Yard


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