Friday, May 7, 2021
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Fireproofing - Intumescent

Intumescent Fireproofing has gained momentum over the last few years in the Onshore Fireproofing market and Park Derochie has made considerable investments to remain a leader in the installation of all Fireproofing products. We continue to expand our abilities, equipment and knowledge in all aspects of Fireproofing technology. Park Derochie remains committed to our clients in providing the Fireproofing Products they require to provide the results they are looking to achieve. Intumescent Fireproofing has made strides in capturing a space in the Onshore Fireproofing market and Park Derochie is poised to deliver this service for our clients.

Park Derochie’s has Project Managers, Estimators, and certified applicators for various Intumescent products and has been working closely with material manufacturers to ensure our qualified tradesmen have the most up-to-date training allowing us to maintain the highest quality standards.  Park Derochie has successfully completed numerous Intumescent shop, module and field projects.

Park Derochie is a certified applicator of all types of intumescent / intumastic fireproofing products including:


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