Friday, May 7, 2021
Abrasive Blasting

Fireproofing - Material Tracking

100% Traceability

Over the course of many shop projects, Park Derochie has developed a sophisticated in-house database for the purposes of shop fireproofing. This database is the first of its kind in our industry and allows us to track and coordinate the movements and progress of a very large number of individual piece marks simultaneously through our shop facilities. Using barcodes and hand-held wireless scanners, the system supports full traceability of each piece mark from receipt at our facilities to final shipping and invoicing. Using this information, we are able to communicate electronically with our clients to improve response times, consistency and accuracy of information.

Client Data Visibility

We have extended our in-house management systems to provide our clients with a web-based interface that enables them to conduct status and shipping inquiries into our system.  This provides information on pieces received, shipped, on-hand and yet to be received.  Shipping information includes load number and date.


We believe good reporting is the key to identifying and controlling cost overruns.  Projects are managed so clients have ability to retrieve up-to-date and accurate status within any given project – by area, structure, piece mark, etc.  Our systems are set up to facilitate client reporting requirements on a per job basis and output can be tailored to feed existing client systems.

At Park Derochie we continually strive to anticipate the needs of our clients, expanding our own capabilities and systems to ensure that we meet or exceed all project requirements.


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