Friday, May 7, 2021
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Insulation - Asbestos Abatement

asbestos containmentPark Derochie offers a complete array of asbestos abatement services. Every abatement project, regardless of size, is performed utilizing trained asbestos removal professionals in conjunction with government regulations and project site requirements. Our strict adherence to regulation and procedure ensures the health and safety of all personnel, the integrity of the abatement and ultimately results in an environmentally friendly solution to an otherwise hazardous situation.

The abatement services we perform include, asbestos sampling/testing, encapsulation and removal, as well as air monitoring, transport and disposal. Park Derochie exceeds the minimum government standards by requiring all project personnel, including Project Managers to have completed the asbestos removal certification program.

Park Derochie specializes in the removal of all asbestos types in all industrial and/or commercial settings including but not limited to industrial piping insulation, pressure vessel insulation, sprayed wall / roof insulation, Trafford tile, floor tile and friable ceramic fibre insulation. We have a long history of safe and environmentally friendly asbestos abatement projects completed with many repeat clients in the oil & gas and petrochemical industries.


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