Friday, May 7, 2021
Abrasive Blasting


Scaffolds can comprise upwards to 30% of your direct labour cost if not handled correctly. Park Derochie’s Management team is built from experience, knowledge, and innovation. Our fully NCSO designated group believes that safety and productivity work together and equate into money saved by you, our client. Our goal on every job is to ensure your satisfaction through safety, our management endorsed culture; productivity, through pre-planning and monitoring, while having a hands-on approach; and costs, competitive rates complete with timely and accurate billing.

Our broad knowledge and experience will cover you anywhere even when other scaffolding companies can’t: commercial, industrial and even with contaminants such as lead and asbestos. From scaffolds at high-rises to retail outlets, oil sands to bridges, we have learned and developed safe and productive strategies which will ensure your projects are completed with the utmost quality and cost efficiency.

Working with Park Derochie has an added advantage to other scaffolding companies. Although we estimate, plan and undertake scaffolding projects in their own cost-efficient way, combining with other Park Derochie services will provide you additional savings. Having worked with scaffolds on numerous projects we understand their needs, avoiding time-consuming and costly modifications.


Scaffolding Safety – The health and well-being of our workers is our first priority. We ensure that they are provided with the proper direction, guards and equipment to be safe. Our upper-management endorsed safety program is strictly adhered to in order to ensure all workers are protected from the numerous hazards they could encounter.

Environment – Although many of our jobs are on organized worksites, some are also in the nature. Our goal is to leave the environment in the same or better condition than it was when we got there. Whether it be from seeding new grass to simply providing our crews with proper waste receptacles, we protect what is everyone’s to enjoy.

Your Satisfaction – We are not satisfied unless you are. Simply said, we understand that if we haven’t done the best we could to ensure your satisfaction, we may not be given the opportunity to work with you in the future. We refer to a “job” as a partnership.


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